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You may be angry or disappointed, frustrated or embarrassed, but she needs you more now that ever before.

Her pregnancy will change everything. We understand that this is not what you planned for her, nor for yourself. This is a journey neither of you planned.

There are conversations that need to happen that could be a determining factor in your relationship. There are things that you may want to say to her, and there are things that may need to be said, and there are things better left unsaid.

We are not just here for her; we are here for you, too. We can support you as you explore your current and future role in her life and the life of her baby. We can help you figure out what it truly means to help her at this important time in her life.

To do this, she will need information on all her options. She will need access to various resources and services. She will need you on her team, in her support network. We can help you help her.

Meanwhile, talk about it with each other and with others you trust. She needs your support and needs to know she can trust you. Be honest with her about your feelings while at the same time being kind and considerate of her feelings. Actively listen to her and ask her to listen to you. Ask questions – of her, of others – to get all the facts. Stay calm.

We are here for you.

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